Motorcycle Travel Gear

Design and Content Creation for Motorcycle Travel Gear

Completed: December 2014

Back in 2010, I quit my job, hopped on my motorcycle and rode around South America for a few months. During the journey, I kept a daily log of the things I saw and experienced on the road. This would eventually be the initial content for Motorcycle Travel Gear, a blog dedicated to the thrills of touring on a motorbike.

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I had previously set up a simple WordPress blog in Spanish so my family could follow up on my adventures. Looking to expand the scope of that site, I created MTG with the goal of reaching a wider audience.

Work on the site involved customizing a theme to get the right look and feel for an adventure motorcycling blog. I learned to implement modern SEO techniques and launch a full social media campaign to go along with it. I also learned new techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance images and speed up of the media-editing workflow.

The site focuses on the essential equipment needed to carry out an unforgettable motorcycle journey. Visitors can also find specific tips on special routes, preparation, and how-to guides for all things motorcycle-related.