Optimal Living Daily Podcast

Implementation of website redesign

Client: Optimal Living Daily

Completed: May 2018


This project was done in collaboration with the wonderful design team from Six Atomic. They provided the mockups for desktop and mobile versions of all the site pages, which I then implemented via a custom WordPress theme onto their site.

WordPress Logo PHP Logo Javascript HTML5 CSS3 Logo

A flexible and robust parent theme was chosen as a starting point. Custom page templates were then created in PHP to accommodate the new layouts. Special care went into writing all the CSS for the updated design so that the website was fully responsive and transitioned well between different screen sizes.

Additional Javascript programming was also necessary in order to create dynamic forms. These forms helped visitors subscribe to specific podcast topics using a very intuitive process. It also helped visitors learn how to access the podcasts from their specific devices, be it iOS or Android. Custom Javascript was also employed in the use of their contact form. This allowed different types of visitors to find the best way of contacting the Optimal Living Daily team. Different forms were available for episode requests, sponsors, or press, all while maintaining a cohesive and uncluttered style.