Design and development of Sapensis: Academic Administration Platform

Client: Red Virtual

Completed: March 2013

After having worked on a few projects with Red Virtual in Peru and Nicaragua, I was given the freedom to work on a brand new system of my choosing. I saw enormous potential in a platform they were developing based on a powerful document management system. This is how I ended up completely revamping their Academic Administration Platform.

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Sapensis, the Academic Administration Platform, is a web portal that enables school administration and dynamic interaction between parents and students. It features independent but integrated environments for administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

It’s core was the administration environment, where school administrators could review student and teacher activities and progress, manage schedules, create notices, and manage the billing. Teachers could plan out their lessons, provide resources, engage in forum discussions, create assignments, and grade students. Students could read and deliver assignments online, review their progress, and exchange ideas with classmates. Finally, parents could follow up on their children’s progress, make appointments, and pay tuition online.

The platform was built from the ground up using the .NET framework, C#, and SQL Server. I analyzed all the use cases for local schools and created a new blueprint following the ASAP Methodology. Careful consideration was taken during development to ensure clean code and speedy content delivery, as well as providing an intuitive user interface. It also led to the creation of custom-made web controls such as a scheduling calendar that prevented conflicts when assigning blocks to teachers and/or classrooms. It was deployed on Amazon Web Services.